Any experience with Gill/Art Audio Alana preamp


I have the Art Audio mono block power amps and searching for a fantastic preamp to match it. Purchasing a preamp from the same company make sense. I have read little about their new Alana preamp which would fit my budget. Looking for feedback or opinions regarding the above preamp in terms of bass impact, sound stage, midrange and highs.

I have had 2 Art Audio preamps (VPL mk2 and VPS). They were about the same, except for some feature I didn't use. I think, like some others, that this simple pre might be just as good if not better than the Alana. Granted, I have not lived with the Alana. There is only 1 way to find out: in you own home system. However I can say this, the synergy between Art Audio gear is truly amazing. Then again, since they are so versatile many things can be done. The great feature about the Art Audio line is price. As an American company with reasonable ownership (read not greedy) it is quite the great bargain.
I have the Art Audio/Gill Audio Alana. It is matched with my Art Audio Vinyl One Phono Pre and Art Audio Diavolo. It is a truly great. I thought my system sounded about as good as it could get with running the Phono Pre right into the Diavolo. How wrong I was. There are a few reviews out there. I highly recommend the ALana. I am sure Joe will be running one at RMAF if you can go. And if you are out my way come by for a listen.

Just a little more info. The Alana can be built to suit your taste. With either Cardas or Hovland caps and choice of tubes. I own a VP1mk2 and Carissa. As my wallet allows I will check out the Alana. Art Audio customer service is second to none.

Blessings, Bob
I have the Alana along with a couple of their amps. I love mine. The 6922 tube, the Alana uses, is a great tube to roll so you should be able to dial in a sound you like.

I'd like to share this with you in case you get a new one. Mine was new and I like it enough that I have kept it for over a year. I still had another pre (solid state) that was my absolute favorite but I liked switching back and forth. Tubes always seem to do something special. I know I must have a couple hundred hrs on the Alana already but this last month I got some NOS Amperex and Siemens. Now it is the best preamp I have heard. I don't know if it was the tubes or putting another hundred hrs on those Lundahl transformers but I'm real happy with it now. Point is, give it time. Even though it's good out of the box, it seems to just keep getting better.
I have an Alana ahead of Theta Enterprise mono amps. By far this was the best preamp I ever heard even before being custom tailored to the amps. Customer service is second to none too. I'd happily demo to anyone in the area if schedules permit.

I'd also like to hear more about what tubes you folks are using in it, and how they might effect the sound relative to each other.