Any experience with Focus Audio ?

Try as I might, I can't find anywhere that has these to audition anywhere near where I live. Can anyone comment on the FC line..specifically the FC8 and FC9. Wondering how they rate, and if they are a good rock speaker. Would they be considered laid back ( in comparison to my Monitor Audio RS6..which I find a hair too laid back, and why I'm trying to upgrade). I had it narrowed down to the PSB Imagine T/T2 and the Focal 726v, but it was suggested to me a few times to check these out before I made my decision. I am very intrigued by the Focus Audio and want to investigate before I make a final decision. FYI, the speakers are powered with a Bryston 5bst and I listen to mostly rock of some description
On a side note, from the pics, the look like they are very nice looking and have a great finish.
I haven't heard the FC line not sure how it compares to the FS line? I had the FS 68SE. It's a great little speaker. I'd consider right in the middle not so bright not so laid back. It was very small but did great bass considering it's size. The finish was very nice I remember. I think the Focus speakers are pretty underrated I always wanted to grab a pair of the bigger floorstanders but never found the right deal. They even have some mega dollar speakers that are supposed to compete with the best of the best.
I own the FS8 model. The current FS series uses aluminum bass/mid drivers which might be geared more for a home theater set up? The FC(entry level)series appears unchanged since TAS raved over the FC9. Neutral/fast/coherent describes my FS8. I would not claim my FS8 is laidback, refined might be a better adjective. Treble has a natural texture but is not as open or extended as most metal/ribbon tweeters. Bass is quick and tight with moderate weight and slam. If you listen to mostly rock go with the FC9 due to the larger drivers.