Any experience with Elac 310 speakers ?

Hi, I would love to buy a pair of second hand Mark & Daniel speakers but I live in France and most sellers live in the US so I searched for european speakers with similar technology (AMT tweeter + high excursion driver). I found the ELAC 310 speaker which is cheap and looks great. Has anyone listened to this speaker ? Would the Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 (or the Winsome Labs Mouse) have enough power to feed them ? Thanks for your advice :)
I owned Elac 310 Jets. They were very nice. The Jet tweeter is fantastic, but the speaker itself is a little deficient in bass objectively, but subjectively it makes more bass than one would expect. Standard 2-way setup with an outstanding tweeter.

However, just because the M&D's have what appears to be the same setup, two way with a ribbon/heil tweeter, doesn't mean they're the same. The crossover points of each of these speakers is very different. The Elacs crossover at probably 3k to 4k, whereas the M&D's crossover at 900, 800 or even 700Hz. The goal is to make the ribbon tweeter more of a point source for the music with the woofer just augmenting the the bass. A more cohesive sound like a single driver speaker/crossoverless design. I haven't heard any M&D speakers but they're reviewed very highly. Downside is that they require big power to get bass from such small enclosures.