Any experience with Dynavector carts???

I am thinking of a new MC cartridge for my Aries/JMW 10. I have heard "some" good things about the Dynavector XX-2, and the others at the top of their range. Anyone out there know if these would mate up well with my TT and arm, how do they sound? I am currently running a low output Grado Reference into ARC Ref. phono and have little experience with MC cartridges. Thanks for any input.

Harry W. of VPI recommends the Dynavector 20X cartridge. This is supposedly a very good combination, so the XX-2 should work well too. Not sure if your ARC reference phono will handle the XX-2, you might wait for someone else to chime in.
I'm using the Dynavector Karat 17D MKII ($750 retail) in my Aries/JMW 10. It is a wonderful cartridge and great match for the VPI como, and is (also) highly recommended by VPI's Harry W. I, honestly, think you would have to spend over $2000 to better the sound of the Karat.
I would second that caution on your ARC phono stage as the Dynavectors have low output (0.23 mV) and need 60-65 db of gain. Most tube phono preamps (unless they have an integrated step-up transformer) only have 40-45db of gain.
I'm using a Dynavector 10x4 with a Linn LP-12. This was the lowest level of Dynavector. If a $350 cartridge can sound this good . . .
I'm only sorry I didn't get the 20x, but I really can't complain about the one I have. Another upgrade to look forward to.
I second the caution regarding low out-put MC's. I have recently added a step-up transformer between my Dynavector 17D, and my Herron MC Phono-Pre (fantastic sound!!) to get enough gain. The Herron is rated at 60db, and so is the Coph Nia I tried, but the gain was still too low to give me a comfortable listening level, without hearing background noise from the Preamp.

Don't misunderstand, I have no regrets and think my system is about as good as it gets (for the bucks), but if I was to start over, I would go for a cart with at least a 0.5mv out-put.

Good listening, Dave.
Regarding the gain, the ARC Ref. phono has a built-in step-up transformer for use with low-output MC's, as I recall. BTW, how do you find your LO Grade Ref. to sound?
I spoke with Harry at VPI before buying a new low output cartridge to replace my high output Benz Glider. He highly recommended the Dynavector 20x cartridge. He said most audiophiles feel they have to spend at least $1000 or more to feel they are getting a good cartridge, but he feels the 20x is just as good for much less money. I bought the 20xl lowoutput (.25mv) for my VPI mk4/JMW 10 combo, and I am very happy with it. It is very dynamic with great imaging and sound soundstage. You will need plenty of gain in your phono section though.
Thanks for the responses all. The ARC does have a built in Jenson transformer to give it 69db of gain, I am thinking that should be enough for most if not the lowest output MC's. The Grado sounds really good and the.5mv output into the ARC does fine. In fact I could be beating my head (and checkbook) against the wall on this one. The thing is I have only owned Grado's; first a Sonata, then the low output Ref. (which kills the high output Sonata by the way).

I always read/hear about the virtues of MC's, but as you know it's hard to borrow a demo from the local Hi-Fi store for the weekend....... So I am left wondering what I may be missing.