Any experience with DEQX™ HDP-Express ? ...

Does anyone have experience using this room/speaker correction system? I'm trying to compare it with something like a McIntosh MEN220. I know people who use the MEN220 or have experience with it but no one using or even heard of the DEQX™ HDP-Express. I'd like to use the fully balanced version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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No experience, but I believe (could be wrong) that McIntosh uses the Lyngdorf correction scheme, which is different than all of the other DRC units (including DEQX) out there. As I understand it, Lyngdorf/Mc compares nearfield and farfield measurements to remove room effects (i.e. it essentially removes the difference in the farfield response and delivers the nearfield result). The goal is to remove the room effects heard at the listening position but otherwise leave the speaker's native response unchanged. If the speaker has a hump in the anechoic response, you'll hear it with this system.

All of the other schemes take measurements at the listening position(s, plural for Audyssey) and Eq that curve to a target (which, generally speaking, means flat). If the speaker has a hump in the anechoic response, it will be flattened.

All of this per a coversation with the Lyngdorf tech guys 3 or 4 years ago, so it's to the best I can recall.

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Thank you Marty. I appreciate your input.

I have a deqx hdp express.
I use it as dac, bi amp crossover,speaker correction, room correction.
amps are 300B and MC30.speakers home made old jbl like C40
send me your questions.
Hi Humain1,

Thanks for the input. I will probably have some questions in the future and will keep you in mind. I appreciate your help.
I have the full (non-Express) version, if you have any specific questions. I've never used the McIntosh though.