Any experience with Decware speakers?

Hi all,

Recently sold my AZ Adagios and in the next six months or so will be in the market for a new floorstander. I have experience with Mr. Deckert's amplifiers and spent a happy afternoon up in his workshop listening to various components and configurations.

Does anyone have any experience with his speakers?

Music tastes all over the place: M83, Yellowjackets, Bill Evans, De La Soul, Anne Hills, Cassandra Wilson, Rush, Phish, Tchaikovsky, Wilco, Roald Velden, etc.

Components: Primare i30, Oppo 105, VPI HW-19, Jolida phono, AZ and homemade cabling throughout.

Many thanks,

I have heard several of the decware speakers recently, and I used to own an old pair of horns that Steve doesn't make anymore.  I'm a big fan of all things decware, although I realize that their house sound may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Having said that, and if it were me, I wouldn't mate any decware speaker to your Primare i30 amp.  Will it work and sound good?  Almost certainly yes.  But decware speakers are optimized for tubes and IMO a SS amp makes them sound a little dry and lifeless.

Your amp is similar in sound to other integrated from the EU and UK: Naim and Atoll come to mind.  So instead, I would consider pairing your amp with a good monitor speaker.  I would try something in the French style: Triangle, JB Reynaud Bliss, the newer Duet or even a classic Offrande (if your room can support it).  You could also try a Harbeth or maybe even a Tannoy Prestige model.

If you want to stay in the single driver realm, I would recommend looking at Omaga or Coherent from Canada.  But aagain, IMO these speakers work best with tubes.

@br3098 Thanks for the comprehensive reply! I've owned Triangles before and liked them - not too warm, not too clinical. I might also go back to Reference 3A once they show up for sale here.
@br3098 Would something like this be more applicable? I ran a Triode Corp TRV-35 about a year ago, but the AZ's weren't sensitive enough by far.
Should work, but I would try it before you buy it.  decware offers a wide range of speakers that generally work with most tube amps but remember that they were voiced using decware amps, all of which sound quite different than the TRV-35's 845 tubes.

Based on your musical preferences, I would probably suggest you listen to decware's radial speakers: the ERRx and/or the HR-1.