Any experience with Dali speakers?

I'm looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers to be used primarily for music (classical, jazz) but also in a truncated HT system. Over the weekend, I listened to Revel M22s, the Joseph RM7si and Paradigms. Then, by chance, I stumbled into a Seattle shop and some speakers I had never heard of before -- Danish-made Dali Evidence 370 monitors that are evidently every popular in Europe. I had only a few minutes to listen, with my wife sitting outside in the car, so I didn't hear a range of music. But at $1k, roughly half or less the cost of the Josephs and Revels and about the same as the Paradigms (which I found disappointing in the vocal midrange) they seemed impressive. Anyone have any experience with the Dali 370 (or other Dali models) to share? Appreciate any and all reactions. Thanks.
I have heard the suite series and was very impressed with how the sound quality never really changed between very low and higher level listening. I have heard the royal line and was thoroughly impressed with its non-fatiguing enjoyable sound. I would own Royals if the chance presented itself. Never heard the Evidence but it's the next step up from the two mentioned above.

Dali makes a beautiful quality speaker.
I owned the Suite 1.7's and have briefly (30 m) heard the Royal Towers demo'd. The 1.7's are nice for the money ($845), good control on the bass and precise image placement, a little bright on top and compressed in soundstage. The Royal Towers also had a nice sound and were truly beautiful in natural cherry; at their price, and particularly if aesthetics are a concern, it couldn't hurt to listen (you would also save on stands).
I own a pair of suite 1.7 floor standing speakers after buying a nice pair of Durham Castle bookshelf speakers and finding the sound not full enough. I'm a fussy person with a limited budget who loves music. I live in a small apartment and listen to a broad spectrum of music, from jazz and classical to rock and rap on tape, vinyl, cd and radio. These speakers give a full response in all ranges and at a variety of volumes. I've noticed no distortion. It's a real pleasure to have them. I auditioned other speakers by the same company in higher price ranges that sounded better of course, but for the money, about $1k per pair, they are really hard to beat. After hearing them at a dinner party, one of my guests retired his old MagnaPlanars and bought the same Dalis from my SF dealer. So I guess this is a ringing endorsement.
Dali is a polite presentation...very nice cabinet work...for same price check out VonSchweikert VS1's...I chose them over the Dali...deeper bass and much more dynamic...Dali had nicer woodwork
I've heard the Helicon 400's about a year ago. They are nice to look at but sounded very colored to my ears. They didn't handle my music very well.