Any experience with cryo'ed cables / IC'S ?

Hi Tubey. For the last two months my system has been entirely outfitted with cryogenically treated Virtual Dynamics Audition interconnects, speaker cable and power cords. I love it. Previously, I had a mismash of cables which included Cardas Lightning L15, Cardas Golden Cross, Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II and Analysis Plus Oval 9.

The difference is that the Virtual Dynamics cabling is much more resolving, yet at the same time smoother and more natural. everything has more life, more realism and a more holographic soundstage. I don't know if this is a result of the difference between what I was using before and the Virtual Dyamics Audition Package. And I have no way of knowing what influence the cryo treatment has had, but for me the issue of cabling has become closed. The revealing nature of the Audition Package has allowed me to experiment with different tube configurations in my Kora Hermes DAC and Blue Circle BC21 preamp without thought of cable colorations.

I don't have any experience however with a direct comparison between cryo'd and non-cryo'd Virtual Dynamics cabling. I was running some non-cryo'd Virtual Dynamics Power 2 PCs before upgrading to cryo'd Audition PCs, but I don't think I could make the type of comparison you're looking for. You may want to check out the Audiogon forum thread entitled "Virtual Dynamics Recall":

If your aim is to be able to hear the true nature of the gear and tubes you're using this may be a path to take, it has worked for me. But definitely hear what others have to say, and you may also want to contact Rick Schultz of Virtual Dynamics. Good luck and have fun in your search.
Hey Gunbei, What does the rest of your system consist of? Did you compare the AP Oval 9 to the Virtual Dynamic speaker cables and with what results?
I saw your system components under the virtual systems....nice set up Gunbei! I'll be getting a power 3 pc next week and plan on trying it on my Cary 303 cdp and also on my Innersound esl amp.
I've been searching posts on this subject on several forums. I've read in the Asylum that people are sending their cables and interconnects for cryo treatment. It can be done for $10 a pound. Some guy sent his Absolute Power Cords and wrote that it's amazing!

I think that cryo treatment will enable me to make some killer DIY designs for a reasonable investment. It seems to me the cable industry does not want us to find this out. Just imagine Jon Risch's DIY cross connected speaker cables cryo'ed for $10/pound!!!

Here's the link to the facility:
Thanks Bradz, I really appreciate your kind words! It looks like you're putting together a great setup, that Cary is a nice piece.

Actually, my goal when ordering was to swap out the AP9s for the Auditions first and compare just speaker cables, but that never happened. I had a single run pair of AP9s for sale on Audiogon and was using a biwired pair while waiting for the Virtual Dynamics to arrive. A fellow Audiogoner whom I dealt with before asked me if I had a biwired set available. I ended up selling both sets before the Auditions arrived so I couldn't make a direct comparison, and I didn't even have music for three weeks! However, once the Auditions arrived I did swap in only the speaker cables for a distant memory comparison, and my impression was that the Virtual Dynamics were both more resolving and smoother than the AP9s. This also happened two months ago, so I know that there's very little reliability here.

You might want to try putting the Power 3 on your amp for faster burn-in after you've had an inital listening session with it on your Cary of course. Hopefully, you'll end up liking it as much as a lot of us do. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
I've since also bought a power 2 cryo and am wondering how it differs from the power 3. Would the power 2 be better on the amp and the power 3 on my cdp or is it a matter of experimentation?
Bradz, try giving Rick Schultz a call, he's a great guy. In past conversations he's told me that if he had to skimp anywhere it would be on the amp. So I guess the place to put the better cord would be on the source, but question is which is the better cord. Power 2 or 3? I believe the Power 2 has a higher level of filtering so you might want to think about placing it on the Cary. Best thing is to experiment with different placement once they're both burned in.
Thanks Gunbei. Sounds like good advice. I'll give Rick a call to see what he recommends. The power 2 is cryo'd but the power 3 is not. My guess too is that the Cary would benefit more with the power 2. I'll let you know my results!