Any experience with Copper Mat on Raven One

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Considering big brother AC having copper layer in its platter I´m curios how it would sound on a Raven.
I know it`s not a fair comparison with just a copper mat on top because AC platter has more of other material than copper/delrin.
Obviously there are more technical calculations and know- how brought into producing. But still, could sound improve?
I should direct this question to Thomas Wosnick himself, maybe they have tested already or even used same type of AC platter (obviously modified to suit) on Raven.
I know of a couple Raven One owners using copper mats and centre weights.

I asked Jeffery Catalno the sole importer and dealer of TW Acustics here in North America about using a centre weight.
Jeff does not recommend using a centre weight so I never pursued it.
This was prior to a copper mat available, can't say if it would also colour the sound. Best to ask Thomas or Jeffery before you buy.
For more impartial views you might ask other turntable manufacturers what they think. There must be a reason why no one else is doing it.
Not that this has anything to do the Raven, but I just got a TTW solid copper platter mat, and I'm liking what it does for my modified Scout Signature. An extra four pounds of copper helps add inertia and mass, for greater speed stability. The lp/copper mat interface brings greater clarity and better bass. When bought on auction at $139, it's a fairly inexpensive tweak, and I think, a very effective one.

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I agree Dan I have one myself on my Replinthed Lenco it defintely makes things better
Thanks guys, interesting.
I´ll try, never know unless you`ve tested.
As mentioned it´s a cheap test.

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Clabe Take a look at Stereomojo on line. There is a recent review of the ttweights system, copper platter, outer ring and central weight, on a Raven one. It was moderately favourable. I had a look at ttweights at RMAF recently. Very high quality and an enthusiastic designer.
I asked Graham Tricker at GT Audio in the UK, who imports the Raven, about weights and platter mats. As you may know, the Raven One in the UK at least, came with a millenium mat and centre weight, initially, not now. He was not impressed that they made much difference, though of course an outer ring and central weight, can help with warped records.
Hope thats hepful
I own a Raven one and met Thomas Woschnik, asking him about using a copper mat. He advised against doing so, bcs he said that in order to work correctly, the copper would have to be fixed to the rest of the table, as it does with the Raven AC. Having said that, my previous TT, a Scheu Premier came without a mat, and then-owner Thomas Scheu advised me against using one. When I added the Living Voice Mystic Mat, however, it was of the best upgrades I ever made. So you have to try for yourself, I think, probably the TTW is worth a try if they offer a trial policy.
Florian Hassel
Just got the Copper Mat, my immediate impression is similar to Islandmandan. Better clarity and bass slightly more distinct. I don´t think mat has affected speed stability. From what I know Papst motor is very strong (in general) and the belt is sturdy and won´t be affected by extra weight, on the contrary.
Bear in mind, this is my personal opinion.

I´ll be back after some more extensive listening if there is anything else to ad to copper mat.

Happy Listening!
One other thing the copper mat makes possible is to fasten a ground wire from the bottom of the bearing assembly to ground on phono pre. Used Mapleshade Silclear on spindle to enhance connection between it and copper mat. Can't say it made much difference, but it's doable, so I did it. Just food for thought.

Hi music lovers!
I´ve had the copper mat for some weeks and think I got a good idea of the sound. Immediately after putting copper mat on platter I noticed a more clearer sound over whole spektra and it still remains. Bass more distinct/firm, mids and highs clearer with more details.
Speed stability I can´t notice much difference, maybe on less advanced system there could be an improvement due to inertia of gravity (it´s more difficult to affect a heavier platter once it´s turning)
I´m satisfied and think it´s a cheap way of upgrading.
Besides, it looks more pleasant and the mat is tightly stuck on to the platter spindle with zero tolerance.
For 250 bucks it´s definitely worth a try, I got it for 139 bucks via auction on audiogon.

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Hi again!
Trying copper mat with and without weight (the one that belongs to millenium mat) I prefer without.
Used to have problems with static discharge that sometimes could trigger relay in my preamp and no sound. I had to switch channel and back to get sound, bit of a PITA. Haven´t experienced after using copper mat (yet).
Due to it´s weight and close tolerances there´s no chance
mat will slide. It sits perfecly tight on Ravens One platter.
Definitely worth a try!

Many Thanks!