any experience with Cary phono pre amps?

Any comments on Cary Audio stand alone phono pre amps? Any comparisons vs. their onboard phono stage in the SLP98 pre amp? Thanks MM
I have a Cary SLP - 98P and a MANLEY Steelhead.

The Cary is excellent, warm and rounded, with slightly more noise into my high efficiency horns. The standalone Manley is faster, quieter, and more delicate. Also, the Cary is limited to MM but Dennis Had can put an MC phono preamp in it.

I loved the Cary but I must say, it is not comparable to the MANLEY. I suggest several other stand alone preamps would also be better.

I would say that the Cary is an excellent starting point. I am not sure of its use with a step-up for MC; I chose not to go that way.
did you compared CAry slp98 with Manley shrimp (for line preamps)??

How is the cary slp98 as linestage ?