Any experience with Cary CAD 500

Any first hand impressions or ownership of the Cary CAD 500. What speaker system and previous amplifier?
Here's an excerpt I wrote on Audio Asylum on the 500-MB:

As with other Cary gear, these amps took well over 100 hours play time to come in to their own. And come in to their own they did.

From the Cary write up – “1 x 500 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, 1 x 1,000 watts per channel @ 4 ohms, Class A/B solid state design, Toroidal power transformer, remote turn-on trigger, RCA or FET discrete Pure Balanced Inputs, audiophile design mono power amplifier, silver anodized aluminum front panel standard, black front panel optional, black painted steel chassis. Dual WBT speaker terminals for bi-wire operation.”

Again, this is serious power. Fortunately, the Ruarks soaked it up. My friends and I had loads of fun listening to “The Vikings” by Arthur Wills (Reference Recordings HDCD Sampler and Pomp & Pipes). The bass ports moved enough air to create a draught in the room. Ah organ music and a fresh breeze.

I never heard these amps run out of steam, never heard them get harsh, never heard anything but effortless sound. The dynamics were powerful, lots of bass slam, deep powerful bass with excellent control, orchestral swells that did not run out of steam, fully fleshed out soundstage with energy and palpability in all locations.

But the most amazing thing about the CAD 500-MB is how akin to the finest Cary tube amps they sound. The harmonic presentation and timbral character is so close to the 211 AE’s that it is amazing. The 500-MB’s do not have that last degree of burnished glow in each and every instrument or voice, but then again they cost less than half of what the 211’s cost.

I really could not detect any soundstage difference between the CAD 500-MB, the 211AE’s or the 1610’s. They were that close.

Compared to the A-306, the 500-MB’s had a more musical sound, more refined high end (upper frequencies) and a more liquid ebb and swell with the music. They just got out of the way and sang. The A-306 always sounded like they had more power, more reserve, always raring to go. I preferred the more effortless sound of the 500-MBs.

Now to get my hands on some attenuators so I can bi-amp with the 500-MB’s on the woofers. That should be something else. Tubes on top, outstanding solid state on the bottom.

Bottom line: the CAD 500-MB’s are staying, the A-306 goes back.
Thanks for your response. What little I've read about this amplifier mirror's your general assessment. If I'm correct this product has been out for a year now? Any speculation why this amp not has not garnered more attention since the reviews sound almost too good to be true?
Could be because they don't play like a 500 watt amp. I'm not going to bash Cary they make good products. I auditioned them in my home on a pair of N802's with a audio research Ref 2 pre and wadia 861 SE CDP. While they sounded good and detailed they never got my N802's excited. I really had to crank it up to get near the level of sound that oldvinyl speaks of. I was told that the REF 2 wasn't a good match the sensitivey was skewed. You may want to audition them with your speakers and pre.
Ps: I currently use a modified crown PSA 480 watt per channel which really drive my N802's .
Interesting, as I heard them on the N800's and they sounded fabulous. In fact I preferred them over the MC501 McIntosh monos, which are considered by many to be the best amps for the N800s. It appears that there is some special synergy happening here. I always thought the Nautilus series sounded a little hot on top and slightly dry. The N800 are beautifully neutral, but they still have a touch of this familiar B&W signature. The CAD 500's are voiced a little on the sweet and lush side and that's probably the reason why they mated with the B&W's so synergistically. I think these amps have one of the best midranges among solid state amps. Here they really sound very tube-like: rich, liquid and with gorgeous tonality. The N800's are definitely not an easy load and the Cary's could handle them with no signs of strain or compression, always sounding open and dynamic.
To sound best they should be paired with a high gain preamp, such as Cary's own pres or any of the Suprateks, which BTW are excellent.
What preamp are you using with these amps?