Any experience with BPT clean power center

Does anyone have experience with a BPT clean power center? I live in semi-rural NH, which, while beautiful, gets power from Public (lack of) Service of NH (PSNH). As anyone familiar with them knows, PSNH pays it's holding company (Northeast Utilities) CEO $8 million, but can't keep the power on for 30 consecutive days, not to mention the power surges tripping the surge protecters and the intermittent brownouts. I'm lucky my generator is reliable. A dedicated line didn't help and moving is not an option. I have an Arcam AVR 400, Music Hall MMF 5 turntable, Arcam CD 93 player and Wharfedale Opus 2-3 speakers, solid mid-fi stuff, but exotic conditioners are neither warranted nor in the budget. Helpful suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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I wish I COULD be helpful. Being subject to awful power delivery is not my idea of fun. After living for years in Florida where FPL (Florida Flicker and Flash) ran the show amid 6+ months of Thunder / Lightning storms I moved to a place which at that time had better service. California, by name.

Monster used to make a product which delivered 120 with input from 95 to 135 or so.
Is that what you've got in mind?

The BPT does not mess with voltage.

This does and if you Really have hi/low voltage issues, is the first way to go which occurs to me.

ALSO, and this is important. Surge protectors use MOV as the active device. The Metal Oxide Varister has a limited amount of capacitiy and when subject to repeated sub-destructive surges DO WEAR OUT.
Get your MOV devices replaced maybe annually. They are CHEAP to buy. A couple bucks each, tops.
Examples from below.....From Florida, I wonder why!
I have used the CPC for several years, and recommend it, especially at the price. Whyn't you give Chris a call? He knows a lot, and is a helpful guy.

For additional piece of mind, your electrician can install a whole house surge protector, for around 3-400 bucks. This, together with a CPC, wouldn't represent an outlandish investment with your system; together with dedicated circuits, it's what I use.

Duraace98, IMO your best bet for unstable voltage correction at moderate cost is proabably a Furman voltage regulator like the AR-1215. Its features include instantaneous shutdown when there is any extreme undervoltage/overvoltage situation. PS, are you a cycling enthusiast ? "Duraace" brings to mind Shimano Dura-Ace bicycle components.
I appreciate the help from everyone. I think I will talk with Chris at BPT, but I have also reserved a Eaton Cutler Hammer whole house surge protector at Electric Supply Company of Milford (NH) and will pick it up on Saturday. I've put in my own PB 20 for the box disconnect for our generator so I may try to install the surge protector myself depending on how complicated the directions are (Not too bad based on what I read on line--one wire to the hot bar, one to the neutral bar, one to the ground and one to each of the circuit breakers, although the manufacturers PDF indicated a dipole 20 amp circuit breaker as opposed to 2 20 amp single pole breakers). It may be that I don't need a line conditioner as much as voltage regulator as Gbart suggests. Then again maybe I should just get some PV cells on my roof and give PSNH the obscene half of the peace sign. And yes the Duraace is a reference to the Shimano gruppo I have on my old school Eddy Merckx titanium EX bike.