Any experience with Audiomods Rega arms?

In the near future, I'm looking to upgrade the Rega RB300 arm that came on my Acoustic Signature Final tool. I'd like to stick to an arm that retains the stock Rega mounting pattern. That means I've been looking at Origin Live and Jeff Spall's Audiomods ( ) tonearms. Jeff's tonearms look to be very reasonably priced considering the work he puts into them and they have an "industrial chic" that appeals to my eye. I'd like to know if anyone here has had first experience with them.
After further research, I've found that Audiomods owners seem to limit their postings to the VinylEngine forum. I've ordered one and will report my opinions in the future. It's no wonder that forum comments are scarce, there just aren't too many of these arms in existence. Mine will be serial number 169.
I have a Rega P9 Mk 1 which came with a Rega RB900 arm - I replaced it with the Audiomods arm. The Audiomods was significantly better - more life & dynamics, better resolution, bigger soundstage, better bass - better in every way. A very cost effective upgrade.
Photon 46, If you are skilful with soldering you should try
to rewire your Rega yourself first. Thanks to the construction of Rega the access to the arm wand is easy. There are plenty riwire options on the net. The wire is the only problem by Rega 300. In particular from the collar
till the phono-pre. This part really needs replacement. There are also such offerings on the net.

No offense meant Nandric, but the Audiomods arm performs way beyond what the RB300 is capable of with a wiring change. I've not posted since receiving and installing it, but my experience parallels Rothwea's posting. I cannot imagine how Jeff Spall profitably delivers the level of engineering excellence that he does for the prices he charges, but I'm a very happy customer. An extremely effective upgrade for a most reasonable price.
Can you give me an update on how the Audiomods arm is working out for you. Also what carts are you using with it. Jeff is building one for me now and I should be paying for it around mid July. It's for a transrotor table that came with a Rega that was modified by Transrotor. The mods were a Different weight and wires.
Hey Ooslik, I've thus far only used a Grado Statement Master 1 and a Garrott Optim FGS with the Audiomods arm. I recently upgraded my phono preamp to a RCM Sensor Prelude and that has allowed me to appreciate better how well the arm performs. Absolutely no qualms at all with the Audiomods arm, it's one of the great bargains in the audio world IMO. When you get your arm and install it, be aware that it's manufactured with an unexpected oddity, it mixes SAE and metric set screws in various positions. The most accesible and frequently used adjustment screws are SAE, but some of the small recessed grub screws in the base are metric.
awesome thanks for the information.