Any experience with AR Dsi200?

I have read what little I can get my hands on, but would like to know more about this amp. Please share your experience if you have any. Thanks.
Posty...AR is usually used as an abbreviation for the old Acoustic Research (no longer in existence) brand. Audio Research Corp. is usually abbreviated as ARC. Just fyi. Now to your question, here are a few threads on Agon and other forums on the subject:


I don't know which reviews you have read on this integrated amp, so here are all the ones I have been able to get my hands on:
Hifi News:
The Absolute Sound:

Hope this helps.

More info is welcome, and I will try to edit my post to ARC.
I will try to edit my post to ARC

Posty...I don't think you can edit posts so I wouldn't worry about it. Everybody will know that you meant ARC. I just was offering it up as an fyi for future posts. Have you had a chance to listen to the DSi200?
No, I have not and I cannot find one local to check out. Had an ARC tube integrated (VSi60) and it was great, but obviously this is a different beast and a different system.

I have read those that you have posted, but I was hoping for some input from some of the people on here who actually owned (or own) one. I saw a couple trade hands a few weeks ago, so there must be someone!

And you are right, can't edit. C'est la vie.

I just bought a demo with very few hrs on it to compare with my vsi60
And I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised!
While a little different than the vsi60, I am having a hard time deciding which amp I like better in my system!
Efner...what speakers are you driving?
Gallo 3.5's
ARC Dac7
Cardas Neutral Ref. All around