Any Experience with Anthem Products?

I was wondering if anyone out there has or has had experience with anthem amps and pre/pros. I am considering the new pre/pro from them. I'm in NYC and they are not represented here well. In fact they are not in any of the better audiophile or HT stores. Given that this is one of the largest markets that concerns me.

Any advice or suggestions for alternate pre/pros in the same price range would be appreciated. The most important thing to me is excellent sound (both 2- and multi-channel set ups), hardware/software upgradeability and good base management.

Anthem is a good deal of the cash. A bit above B&K but not quite meridian, krell, theta, etc. But, as stated for the money it's a good product. I believe they are now making an upper scale version of the processor too, but the price is significantly higher.
I've owned the AVM2 and currently own the AVM20. It's a great HT processor. Their are a lot of choices in the setup menus such as variable crossover frequencies and room correction for bass nodes; very flexible. Also, in 2 channel direct the sound is nuetral and holographic. Most of my listening is two channel.

Good luck,
I love my AVM-2. If I had the $$$ I would upgrade to the 20 without auditioning anything else. For the money, nothing else competes. You can pick up a used avm-2 for under 1k, and probably 2k for an avm-20. Go for it, you won't be sorry.

Also, I really like anthems remotes. Simple, efficient and bulletproof. Beats the hell out of playing with a pronto or marantz 5000.

Finally, the anthem is so neutral sounding that you really will have to audition every amp with it since it won't color the sound a bit. I'm using an HK signature 2.1 but would like to move up to either an anthem or sunfire???
I also love my AVM-2 and have had zero problems. I bought the MCA5 amp at the same time which, at 200w per channel into 8 ohms, has no problem driving Martin Logans (which dip to 2 ohms at times).

Anthem makes very good gear but the AVM20 (more $$$) is hardware upgradable and the AVM-2 is not.