Any experience with a crown K1 or K2 amp?

Hi there, I am looking into the crown K2 and K1 amps for a subwoofer project. I could use any user info and am curious to see if it is still musical or just all out control like no other? I really love the idea of a 3000 damping factor and am curious to see how it plays out, Thanks
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Hi, I use a K2 with great results. Very fast and articulate bass. I use the K2 to drive a pair of 7 foot basshorn speakers using twin 18" drivers each. The K2 mates very well with them. The basshorns are crossed over at 100hz down to 30 hz.
I've been using the K2 for a number of years to drive my two 18" Infinite Baffle Subs. The K's are very rare in the pro world as they don't use fans for cooling. Either K is a great choice as a sub amp.
They like to be fed a higher gain pro balanced signal vs. consumer unbalanced. I had problems with the amp going into "sleep" mode with the weaker unbalanced signal, but Crown has a fix for that. If you go the K route and have to use unbalanced, PM me and I can email you the "fix".
I want us this amp for home audio 84db 15" subs that are rate at 2000 watts. Is the K2 a good amp for hard to drive subwoofers or is it meant for high easy to drive subs. Thanks
I researched this years ago and went with the Crown CTS2000, which was supposed to be an evolution of Crown's K2 amp.  The CTS2000 used the efficient Class I amp circuit and was definitely a very nice sub amp.  The CTS was discontinued and replaced by the DCi series (and other "DriveCore" amps).  All the new amps, including CTS, use fans.  The fans are somewhat quiet, but they can spin up when the amp heats during high usage.
Love my K2 totally controlls a pair of JBL Synthesis 1B1 Sub with its big long throw 15” woofer.