Any experience with a Conrad Johnson MF200?

Hi there, I am planning on building a system based around a conrad johnson mf200 amp, I know your going to laugh but a long time ago my dad bought me one for christmas and we never really have done gifts so it has some serious sentiment

I am curious I have heard it will out power a krell 300 with 801's but it doesnt do rock. I remember it rocking pretty good but its been a few years.

Any info I can get would help I am planning on using either a PV11 or a Premier 10 for my preamp.

I mostly listen to rock rap hip hop funk and need to be able to play them pretty well. I have a pair of B&W Matrix 804's and am looking at the aerial 10T's or some kind of speaker that plays rock well. Would I acheive much by BI-Amping them?

Thanks a million for all your help and support Toby
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Personally, I threw a lot of rock at mine and was very pleased. In fact I still have it. It is definitely built like a tank. Good solid bass that mated well with my inefficient Kef 105.2s. Great detail and imaging to the music. Plenty of power but can be finicky if your a/c circuit is not also clean. Mated mine with a Sunfire Theater Grand II. Just enjoy!!!