Any experience w/Guerilla Audio?

Saw one of their ads here on Audiogon. Am shopping for some interconnects to replace JPS Labs Ultraconductors. Any experience or opinions? Thanks.
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Jason makes some of the better homebrew cables IMO. I like his copper interconnects and his silver speaker cables in my system. I plan on trying his phono cable some time in the future. Service and shipping has been first rate. I would suggest giving them a try.

I've dealt with Jason a couple of times. Nice guy. His cables appear to be top notch. Good materials. Prompt delivery can be sketchy though. Had to nudge him several times to get things out the door.
Several transactions with Jason, all top-notch and prompt, all IC and speaker cables well built. But what I liked the best was he was very sincere in wanting me happy whatever it took, willing to extend the trial period becuase I travel, cheerful about replacing silver cable with copper to the tweeters months after purchase, included a free power cord the only time there was a slight delay etc. Sound wise- I think that his stuff is a very good deal for the money. In my system the IC and speaker cable seem neutral, revealing without harshness, fast, clear, and dynamic. I can hear the woodiness of violins, hall ambience and other timber and microdetails that I like.
Thanks all -
That's reassuring. Am hoping to upgrade from the Ultraconductors. JPS Labs Superconductor Q (was FX) is very good but a stretch budget-wise right now - especially as I want 2 pair. I've emailed Guerilla Audio. Will see what sort of reply I get. Again, thanks for the replies.