Any experience w/ Earthquake subwoofers?

Greetings all!

As the subject question states, I am looking for input regarding Earthquake's subwoofers, esp. with regards to music applications. I recently obtained a pair of Magnepan MGMC1 speakers (which are very, very nice, btw) and am looking to add a sub to my system. I am familiar w/ the reviews where these were paired w/ the Onix UFW-10. I am also looking at:

Infinity CSW-10

Obviously, I am placing some value on small size and am willing to sacrifice some on extreme frequency performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated; there are some good deals on the Earthquake right now (they recently debuted the MkV) but am willing to spend some more for a better match.

Greg, I looked long and hard at Earthquake before I went to an Art of Sound sub. You might want to listen w/the Maggies before you buy. REL might also be a direction to look. Happy hunting.
I have used both the MKIV-10 and the MKV-12. I have not heard the MKV-15 yet.

The MKIV-10 is Fast with very good response down to about 25HZ after that it falls quite rapidly. They worked excellent with my Bright Stars, they are very musical, and will work for HT.

MKV-12, This sub is deceptive, it is still very fast so the sub handles music well, but on HT this unit can shake things off tables! This is a truely amazing sub. I replaced my Caver Signature with this unit. It was more musical and went seeminly down to at least 20HZ or lower with bravado.

I can highly recommend these units over the Carver units. The MKIV-10 finish is slightly cheesey, a WOODLIKE vinyl finish, the MKV-12 uses real wood and is really nicely finished.
I've had some experience with Earthquakes as well. They are desceptively quick, blend well, are musical, and play hard and deep! Placed properly, It's a very worth while choice for the earthquake, in an HT/music setup!
I consider Earthquake's along with Paradigm Servo 15, M&k MX series sub's and similar for HT/music, regarding manufactured sub's.
Dear Greg: Other than Earthquakes there are many alternatives out there.

My advise is that you go for a pair of subs ( not only one ) and one of those alternatives can be: Velodyne. In a stereo home systems it is extremely hard to beat, specially the HGS and DD series.

About to integrate subs in an audio system take a look here:

Regards and enjoy the music.