Any experience w/ Conrad Johnson MET150 5ch amp?

Not much info out there in this amplifier. I was looking at this to do double duty with my HT system and a 2ch preamp w/ HT bypass and a DAC. Looks like a good amp, but there is very little info out there that I can find in terms of reviews or forum chatter.

Anyone have any experience with it? I am currently using a Lexicon 512NT, which is essentially a re-badged Bryston 9B-ST. Looking for a more refinement, and a little less fatigue on the top end.
You should call Spearitsound in Northampton and ask to speak with Dick. They are a CJ dealer and have sold that amp in the past.
I think it is a multichannel version of the ET250S amp. The ET 250S is a current Stereophile class A amp. I agree Spearit Sound would be the people to talk to about it.
I've heard good things about previous models, not much about this one in particular.
Thanks for the input. As far as I can tell, it is a 5ch version on the ET250S, just more channels. Would love some more input from those out there who have owned or heard it.
Hoping to revive this thread as I am thinking of going partially tubes for my HT setup
You might want to try the conrad-johnson forum over at Audio Aficionado. Maybe you'll have better luck there?
I haven't owned the MET150, but I have listened to it. As a reference I also use CJ tube equip. in my 2ch./HT system. IMO, it really depends what your priority is. 2ch. or HT? The MET will give you what you're looking for in terms of more refinement/less fatigue for music. It will be a big difference from the Lex. But for HT it can be too much of a good thing. What I notice for HT in my set-up is a lack of dynamics and punch sometimes. It can be too polite. It's one of the compromises I make for a combo system. I think the MET was really designed more for music and IMO would be a very good choice if you listen to a lot of music videos, multi channel SACD, etc.
I can't speak to the MET150 as such, but I also wanted to add a bit of warmth to my multichannel system, which I use for music, movies and TV. I recently purchased the c-j MET1 multichannel preamp, the companion piece to the MET150, and I love it. I'm using it with a Sunfire amp. No need for an HT bypass or any of that messing around. I imagine adding the MET150 would have a similar effect. I'd love to get one myself but I'm done with upgrades for the time being. Music is my priority and I let home theater take care of itself.
Here is somebody who has it in their system:

MET150 in setup forum
Well I have a Pass Labs X350 for the main setup and I have had good experience with CJ gear, hence the question. My goal is listen to music in both systems as some recordings can sound pretty good in a 5.1 setup (I do not intend to re-invoke the eternal discussion about 2ch or HT). AA is pretty much 2 ch but I may repost my question there.