Any experience w/ better equipment racks?

I have been using a DIY equipment rack for a number of years, but just tried the Stillpoints rack. The improvements was audible and immediate. BUT I can't use it, as my turntable will not fit on the top shelf. I've been looking recently but don't know what to think about the claims and options.

What have you experienced with better equipment racks, and which would you recommend?
billy bags turntable rack is wonderful....
I had a Michael Green clamp rack that I used for nine years both as a clamp rack and as a regular rack. It looks a lot like yours, but the shelves were 1" thick and the steel rods were 3/4" thick.

I now have a Sistrum SP-6 from Star Sound Technologies. It made a big difference for the better sonically. To me it was well worth the $1,000.00 price difference from the Michael Green clamp stand.

What is your budget and how many components will the rack support?
why not just place a "big enough" shelf over the stock top shelf?

(of course, you will then have the chance to play around with all of the different ways to couple the new "big enough" top shelf to the old "too small" top shelf...aurios, daruma, tweakaholics are invited to join in here.....)
I love the ParTicular basis rack I'm using. Infinitely adjustable, and when used with Neuance shelves, wonderfully inert.
I couldn't believe how much better the Grand Prix Audio Racks made my system sound when I replaced my homemade racks with them, one of the more major improvments I've heard.
What difference do my budget and number of componants make in your experience with better racks? Any good rack is going to conform to my needs anyway.

Bgrazman the stillpoints rack is not designed to be used that way. I guess any fool could throw a shelf on the top, but they have specific ideas that went into the design of the rack that are not just thrown together junk.
The reason I asked about budget and number of components is that I had a custom suspension rack made by a company I ran accross at CES. It is excellent but was expensive. The price depended on how large I wanted it. A good rack may conform to your needs if it accepts the required number of pieces. In any case I would recommend a suspension rack. If you would like info on my rack please E mail me.

Fair enough, but fool seems a little harsh-- one can certainly think about how to couple (or decouple) a shelf that meets ones needs to the rack below.

If you don't care for my advice that's ok too. You asked for opinions & I gave mine.

(In my opinion, there are a lot of "know nothing" designers out there and I couldn't care less about their design ideas if they don't make sense--I prefer to put my money elsewhere in my system).