Any experience w/ Audience Adept power condtioner

I am looking to explore this arena for the first time. I am most likely going to use it w/ my FE components, only because they are placed a considerable distance from my Amps. The Adept Response has all of 8 outlets. Would it be a waste to only have my First Sound pre, Lamm phono pre, and CD player plugged in to this unit ,leaving the other 5 outlets unused. I could plug in my TT motor , but I dont believe it would have any benefit. Thanks in advance for all advice.
The unit is fantastic. It has each outlet fully isolated and if you do not have the ability to run all dedicated lines, this is one of the top solutions.
Many First Sound owners (I used to be one) have found that the unit sounds best plugged straight into the wall. See if you can try before you buy.