Any experience using a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet

I just purchased a used PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, the 20amp version with IEC outlet. I plan on using it for support of equipment other than my Amplifier. I have read the Stereophile review by Robert Deutsch.

I have 3 dedicated lines running to my system. One for my amp (class AB) which is pluged directly to wall outlet, one for my preamp (all tube), and one for digital equipment which includes DAC, CD transport, DVD SACD player and TV. May 1st try using it for the digital equipment, plugging DAC into one outlet, and other digital items into the other with use of a quality power strip.

Just looking for thoughts from others that have tried this unit. 
Outlets definitely make a difference. I've got three different ones. Also over the years have run three different versions of house wiring to my system. Which is why I say there's way better uses for your money than three dedicated lines, and plugging equipment into expensive outlets isn't such a great way to go. As much improvement as they can make- and some of the good ones from SR really are impressive- the improvement you get from a good power conditioner is even greater. The main caveat being good performing cost-effective outlets are easy to find. Simply buy the best one you can afford from SR. Their conditioners are a big chunk of change so there it gets a little harder as the leap is greater. But then that is what the 30 days is for.
The balun used within the U/O is quite effective at filtering out high frequency and prevents digital hash generated by DAC form contaminating other equipment that is connected to the same AC circuit, therefore, IME, the greatest benefit of the U/O was when used with digital equipment.
Yes, I have used two of those units with the Balum. I did not try them on a dedicated circuit with digital only, but with a subwoofer directly to one unit and one had a power conditioner plugged into it into which my audio system was plugged into.. I had improved sonics using other outlets such as the Furutech and Synergistic Research outlets at these locations. I even had one Balum unit cryo'd to see if it made a difference. It did not. 

Good experiment to do though.
Please report back what you observe.

David Pritchard
I have to say, a good outlet definitely made a difference in my system. But I have to ask, how does an outlet “break in”? It is simply a connection point. I can kind of see the concept in wiring being new etc, but given the existing wiring (unless completely rewired) is potentially pretty “old” what happens to the outlet during this “break in” period? Not trying to be flip or anything. I am genuinely interested.
Testpilot, yes that was my thinking also.  I liked the fact that I could prevent digital equipment noise from getting back to the other components. The wire run distance between outlets and the panel is less than 30', with breakers close to one another. In the Stereophile review, Richard plugged all his source equipment into a quality power strip which was then plugged into the U/O. I wish to keep my preamp isolated from my digital equipment. May purchase another used U/O for it. 

Millercarbon, my dedicated lines cost very little as I did the wiring myself. I figured that as long as I was doing it why not 3 lines, Allows me to isolate AMP, other analog devices, and digital back to the main.

David, I am currently using basic Hubbel hospital outlets. They do provide a tight grip. About all I can say not having tried more advanced types. I am considering this upgrade. 

I will try the I/O out in different supply line topologies and get back to all regarding my findings. I might try running my amp through it  as well. 

I remain interested in others experience with this device.