Any experience using a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet

I just purchased a used PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, the 20amp version with IEC outlet. I plan on using it for support of equipment other than my Amplifier. I have read the Stereophile review by Robert Deutsch.

I have 3 dedicated lines running to my system. One for my amp (class AB) which is pluged directly to wall outlet, one for my preamp (all tube), and one for digital equipment which includes DAC, CD transport, DVD SACD player and TV. May 1st try using it for the digital equipment, plugging DAC into one outlet, and other digital items into the other with use of a quality power strip.

Just looking for thoughts from others that have tried this unit. 
Not 15 amp IEC outlet but inlet. Always telling myself the need to edit better. One day I will listen. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.  
A lot of past posting about wall outlets and their sonic signatures. Most outlets do have different sounds. I respect the people at PS Audio and have their transport and DAC in one of my systems. I also have the PS Ultimate outlets.

 First off- install it in an outlet not in your audio room with something plugged into it that uses electricity. After 30 days of breaking in, try it first at the amplifier location.

 Also buy a different sounding outlet (that can be returned within 30 days) such as a Synergistic Research Black or the Blue outlet. Yes they are expensive but if the sound is not significantly better - Return It. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate two different sounding outlets.

Many audiophiles will be much happier and have a lot more of audio knowledge using this approach. It is more work but I do think it is so important to get the foundation to an audio system optimized. Wall outlets are certainly part of this foundation.

David Pritchard

Thanks David! Just to be sure we are on the same page, I am talking about the Ultimate Outlet AC Conditioner which contains a PS audio power port outlet. This is a balun transformer based unit. The stereophile writeup provides a pretty good description.  Advantages claimed are a reduction of differential and common mode noise at a wider range of frequencies , and no limitation of power. 
Outlets definitely make a difference. I've got three different ones. Also over the years have run three different versions of house wiring to my system. Which is why I say there's way better uses for your money than three dedicated lines, and plugging equipment into expensive outlets isn't such a great way to go. As much improvement as they can make- and some of the good ones from SR really are impressive- the improvement you get from a good power conditioner is even greater. The main caveat being good performing cost-effective outlets are easy to find. Simply buy the best one you can afford from SR. Their conditioners are a big chunk of change so there it gets a little harder as the leap is greater. But then that is what the 30 days is for.