any experience/opinions about Obbligato caps?

I'm thinking about trying the Obbligato caps as coupling caps in my solid state DAC. Anyone have any experience with these caps? Either the Copper or Gold Premium.
I've only used them in crossovers. I find them pleasantly natural and quite musical. However, I couldn't say how they would sound for your desired application.
I don't have any experience with Obbligato's, but Humble Homemade Hifi really liked them.
A couple of inmates over at audioasylum find them full and transparent, not particularly warm, however. My first choice now becomes the Cardas Golden Ratio, the Jupiter beeswax a second choice. Any opinions on these?

I have the Cardas caps in my Art Audio Carissa Sig. amp, I love them in there. Some claim the Cardas caps are closed in on top, I find they allow the voicing of other components to come through unimpeded. You definitely wouldn't call them closed in with the present Mundorf Silver/Oils in my DAC!

I will first try some Auricaps I have on hand. One last chance for the Mundorfs this weekend, will have well over 300 hours on them.
One last chance for the Mundorfs this weekend, will have well over 300 hours on them.
What value are the Mundorf's? Not that it has any bearing on break-in. I'm just curious.
They are .47uf.
Have you made any decision on the Obbligato's? I just bought a pair of 0.47 uF Russian teflon FT-3's off ebay for $33 ($16 for the caps and $17 for shipping). I'll be using them as output caps in a Bottlehead Seduction. I'm looking forward to receiving them. Best, Mark
Mark, I've decided not to go with the Obbligatos, likely not enough warmth for this application. If the Mundorfs don't work out I'll try the Auricaps, perhaps Cardas Golden Ratio, or Jupiter Beeswax.

The Mundorfs really aren't that far off, just need a bit more warmth, I'm trying different isolation techniques, this weekend should tell more. I really want the Mundorfs to work as the increased resolution is really nice. I also suspect the Mundorfs would be perfect in a tube DAC, wish I still had my Audio Aero Prima DAC (same as in Capitole) or Audio Logic 24mxl to try them in.

Let us know how the Russian caps work out.
Scott, Just curious whether you ever measured DC offset at output or checked the DIY forums to see if you really need coupling caps at all. It was feasible for me to remove them from a stock SCD-1, and probably is similar situation with many SS DACs & CDPs.