Any experience on these 2 cable brands

Any comparisons done with mid/upper end Audioquest & Acoustic Zen cables?  Something like speaker cables such as Hologram ii and Castle Rock, and interconnects such as Matrix Reference ii and Colorado. 

This would be for a ARC/Halo Sonus Faber system. 

Thank you.    

I have owned the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun and Double Barrel speaker cables, as well as the Audioquest Gibraltar speaker cables.
They both have fine qualities that will work well in certain applications.
In my opinion, in my system, the Audioquest was a bit clearer with a tad more extension in the highs. The Acoustic Zen offered a slighter warmer sound with a fuller bass. 
They both presented a pretty nice sound-stage, but the AZ stage was a bit deeper, which was more to my liking. Overall, I would give the slight nod to the AZ cables.
Obviously, YMMV.

Thanks John.  I assume the Hologram ii would be similar in presentation to the Satori and Double Barrel then?  Have you used the interconnects from these brands as well?  Wow ii, Matrix Reference, Columbia, Colorado?
I think the Hologram II should sound similar. I believe the Double Barrel is made up of one run of Hologram II and one run of Satori.

I have not owned any AZ interconnects, the only other AZ I've owned was the Gargantua II power cord, which had a similar flavor to the speaker cables.

I've owned no AQ power cords, but I did own the AQ Sky interconnects. However, since the Sky is silver, and the Colorado and Columbia are copper, comparisons are pointless.