Any experience driving B&W 802 diamonds w/ Rogue A

Has anyone had any experience driving B$W 802 diamonds w/ Rogue Audio's Apollo monoblocks? Thinking of changing power amps from McIntosh MC402 to the Apllo's...
Hi Dougdubin, the B&W802D's are a bit of nasty load for an amp around the 60hz to 800hz mark, especially at 60hz where the phase angle is also sever in conjunction with the resistance.
These speakers are more suited to good low output impedance amps.
The Rogues and McIntosh that you mentioned have transformer outputs which are at a disadvantage to amps that are solid state and direct coupled, as these solid state amps given the right one will have lower output impedances to be able to drive those nasty loads better at those frequencies. As the Sterophile test/measurement review points to.

Cheers George
Thanks for your input. The Mcintosh MC 402 is solid state. Does it still transformer outputs?
Yes they are the outer two boxes flanking the center power transformer box.

Cheers George