Any experience converting 2 prong ac to power cord

I've got a Carver tfm 42 amp as well as marantz ma500 amp that I am cosidering changing from 2 prong to quality power cords. Does anyone have suggestions if worth it. I like the Carver alot. It runs my main polk audio 12s. I just moved to an apartment and have had all kinds of problems with more hum & buzz in my system. I thougt I'd start with a couple hundred dollar used line conditioner for the cd and preamp but am wondering if I can go with power cords to help also.
Invest in a device that checks the polarity of your wall outlets first. These can be had at Rat Shack or a local hardware / electrical supply store. Then invest in an inexpensive multimeter. Once again, these can be found at Rat Shack or a local hardware / electrical supply store.

This will allow you to follow the instructions listed in this thread pertaining to Noise, Hum & AC Polarity. I would cover the basics before investing in ANYTHING "fancy" i.e. make a good tasting cake before dumping tons of frosting on it. Sean
Thanks for the info. I found the main problem with buzz with the first thing I unhooked. I am getting noise coming into my system through the coax cable feeding into my TV from the cable hookup. I unplug it or the audio rca's from my TV to preamp and the buzz stops. Any way to filter my cable signal?