Any expericience with Nordost Valhalla powercord ?

Dear fellow-audiophiles,
Do any of you have something to say about the use of the Nordost Valhalla powercord on cd-players ?
What are your comments about this powercable ?
Is it as good as the reviewers and the audio magazines tells us ?
I'm considering to buy one, but want to hear other users comments. I use already Nordost Vishnu powercables in my system, but like to bring it at new levels with the purchase of one Valhalla.
My system : Bow Technologies ZZ Eight cd-player, Bow Tech. ZZ One Ref. amp., Totem Mani Two speakers, Nirvana SX interconnect and Nordost Vishnu powercables.
Thanks a lot for your words,
Happy listening !
In a recent HiFi+ review, the reviewer thought that adding the Thor in the system was a better sonic upgrade than adding Valhallas. Since you already have Vishnus, this might be something to consider.
Sorry, but I do'nt get it. I have a good medium price power cable by Merlin and bought a 2nd hand Vishnu. I tried it on my CJ Premier 17, Pass Labs Aleph 3 and Shandling CDT-100. I noted a marginal gain , if any. I am sure the Valhalla is better, but really, the cost. Moreover, logically, you need to change all the power cables in the loom and thats serious money. As Howie says, I would go for the Thor first. Certainly in my system, a new poer conditioner made far more difference than power cables
I am using both the Valhalla and the Elrod Statement II. Valhalla is much more transparent and rapid. The Statement brings more bass at the expense of transparency. Statement in on Meitner CDSD, Valhalla on Meitner DCC2 and Tenor 150.
I am pleased with the combination but should have a try at a complete Valhalla system.
I sold the most Valhalla cables in the Netherlands and I have a lot of experience with Valhalla's in many systems. I also have a lot of experience with many top cables. Valhalla powercables have the most resolution I've ever heard. But they miss the slam and drive of other cables. I tried many times full Valhalla in my system. I've also Valhalla loudspeakercable in my system. When I use full Valhalla in my system I loose individual focus. I sold many different Nordost cables. You cab use it for a big part in your system, but I never had the best experience with 100% Nordost cables in a system. I use cables for there properties. Because this is he only way you can get the sound you are looking for. Valhalla is great for preamp, cd, dac, but for power amp's it is not the best solution.

I recently put Valhalla's on my BAT 150se mono-block amps and my 51se pre-amp. Wow! Also, did a shoot out over a friends house of power cords on his Meitner DCC2 and CD-SD. The Valhalla was easily the most neutral and transparent. Feel free to send an e-mail if you would like to know the details.

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