Any Exemplar 3910 owners?

I can't wait for my Exemplar 3910 to break in. John Tucker tells me it needs a 300 hour burn in before it sounds like it can. When it came yesterday, I couldn't resist listening for a few hours. John told me it sounds good out of the box, but goes through several changes during it's long break in period.

First, the 3910 seems to be a more solid machine than my former Exemplar 2900. It sounded very good cold, but I was amazed at how good it got after the tubes warmed up for a couple of hours. This is absolutely the most analog sounding cd player I have heard. My sonic memory is far from perfect, but I don't remember the 2900 sounding this natural. It clearly has more low level detail, it's smoother, and I hear the room or concert hall much better. There is absolutely no grunge or harshness, more ambient retrieval, things ar better placed in their own space---I could go on and on.

Again, I'm depending on my less than perfect sonic memory, but my initial impressions are that this is a huge upgrade from John's 2900 in every way! The disc is turning as I write, and I'm going to try not to listen until the 300 hour mark, but I can hardly wait for the next 2 weeks to go by.

Before you ask, I'm not a dealer or a long time friend of John Tuckers. I knew nothing about Exemplar until a friend introduced me to the 2900. I bought a unit but sold it when the 3910 replaced it. I can't speak to other 3910 mods, but I can say that this upgrade is far better than I could have ever imagined.

Have you heard the Exemplar 3910? Is this player as good as I think it is?