Any excellent results with class D amp and BAT pre

I am using Focus Audio 788 speakers.

Front end is a Northstar Extremo DAC, Empirical Offramp, MAC computer.

My goal is a deeper soundstage and better dynamics, while maintaining correctness of tone.

Other mono amps would be considered.
I've been using Dolan ML1 Class D monoblocks with a BAT VK-51SE and the synergy is seamless.These Dolans are the best Class D amps I've ever experienced,superior to the NuForce 9.0SEV2's,Wyred4Sound and the Spectron 3 series.Flip me an e-mail if you're looking for more particulars. Mark

I am using a BAT VK 31SE with a pair of NuForce 9 SE V2's
with great results. Very dependent on power cord quality and isolation from vibration. It can definitely make or break the sound.
I am using a BAT 3ixSE pre with a pair of Rowland 201's. I really like the sound through my Spendor speakers. The bass is probably better through a full range speaker, though. Mine roll off about 45 Hz. I hear a lot of things I really like through the spendors. If you can be satisfied with the highs of a class D amp, I think you would enjoy it. The highs are a little unatural but that is true with any of the class D amps, as far as I know. You need to try it and see for yourself if you like it or not.
Pugstub, you have reopenned an old and tedious wound with your claim that class d's have unnatural highs. I have used Tripath and UcD based amps with a custom DynaPas pre and the highs are just fine. Although I must say that, in my opinion, any s.s.power amp sounds better with a tube pre. Or at least, a tube DAC.