Any Esoteric K-01 owners use Mac with Audirvana?

Hello, I just got the Esoteric K-01 sacdplayer which sounds just incredibly good.
I am trying to use it with usb input on my macmini with Audirvana program. It works and sounds good even in the HS_1 mode, which is high speed synchronous, but I would love it to work in the HS_2 mode, which is asynchronous, so it uses the amazing clock in the Esoteric. 
When I use this setting however it gives incorrect and weird sound with the macmini on OSX snowleopard 10.8.5 and Audirvana... anybody know which OSX works with HS_2 mode? Thx!
Anyone? I suspect the dowloaded driver from esoteric jp could be at fault as well, anyone has cd with drivers that came in box with K-01?