Any Esbjorn Svensson fans?

 Esbjorn Svensson Trio aka EST. Favorite albums, cuts?
Been watching some EST w/Pat Metheny on youtube, great stuff.
Plays Monk is definitely my favourite album from E.S.T.
Enjoying Strange Place for Snow as I type.  A purchase after spending time with various E.S.T. albums on Tidal.  Tuesday Wonderland is another on the "to buy" list.  

Hard to pick one track as favorite but Behind The Yashmak will do if pressed.

If you enjoy E.S.T., you might enjoy music by the spin-off's that followed Esbjorn Svensson's death.

In that regard, check out former E.S.T. drummer Magnus Ostrom's Searching for Jupiter; 

also albums by Tonbruket, the project of former E.S.T.  bass player, Dan Berglund.

Perhaps you already know of these.

One of my favorite tracks is “ From Gagarins Point of View” from their same title CD. The track was so good that Focal used it to demo their speakers high end speaker line.
I would have enjoyed an album or two from EST and Pat Metheny similar to ones he made with Brad Meldau.
Another +vote for "Plays Monk"

Happy Listening!
Thanks, I’ll check out the "Plays Monk" CD.
Just received E.S.T. "Leucocyte" CD but haven’t spun it yet.
Anyone familiar with Jan Gunnar Hoff?