Any Environment Potentials EP-2050 users out there

I am thinking of giving the Environment Potentials EP-2050 Home Protection Waveform Correction Absorber a try. EP’s main guy Doug Joseph certainly talks a good game and seems to make the whole philosophy make sense. It seems to have gotten good reviews in the past and I know there are a handful of forum members using them. If you all could come out of the woodwork and share your experience with this unit, or the ep-2450 for that matter, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have one hooked up to my breaker box. Easy to install, that's a plus. I can't say I noticed any auditory difference. I'm glad to have the whole house surge protection, but I do note that they don't offer a guarantee like other surge protection systems. That kinda makes me wonder. The other night I think I got some DC on my electrical lines, and I don't think it filters out DC.

I'd like to here other's opinions too.
i have one, and for the whole house surge protection its worth it. its a tough product to A/B (as you have to leave the house to do it!), but when i did the install i will say i noticed less up & down w/ afternoon power...not cured, but better.

power has 2 probs as i understand it:
1) diff noise (between hot & neutral) aka traverse noise aka normal noise---think switching PSs on grid, and incoming trash from the street
2) common noise (between neutral & ground)---think EMI/RFI

any power solution has to treat both. the EP goes after #1, which is IME tougher to treat. power is so so hard to get right. i've the EP2050, Maher CBFs, DIY R-C networks, dedicated lines, Oyaide R1 / WPZ outlets, high $$ power cords, a Weizhi distributor (great product)...and each one made an improvement. and the difference between good power and great power is more valuable than trading up several grand in components.
Thanks for the reply Rhyno. Little confused. I have to admit, most of this is way over my head. I hear what you are saying about diff noise, and EP claims to take care of that. Basically, any garbage created by the appliances in my house as well as any of the garbage coming from my neighbors houses who are on the same transformer will be converted to heat, not shunted to ground, Is this correct?

But EP also claims to take care of EMI/RFI. Are you saying that EP does not attack common-mode noise and therefore, EMI/RFI will be passed through? Would their ep-2750 Ground Filter ( cover this? That is the combo (2050 and 2750) that Doug Joseph at EP has been trying to sell me on.

The reason I am concerned is that I have terrible buzz through speakers, radio stations over speakers, sibilance, etc. that I assuming is at the hand of EMI/RFI. My house is sandwhiched between two radio transmitters, both within a couple miles.

The EP technology seems to be similar to the PS Audio Noise Harvester in that it converts the interference to heat/light rather than shunting it to ground. The difference, as I understand it, is the PS Audio works on a very narrow spectrum, while the EP covers a rather wide spectrum of high frequency noise. Like a giant whole-house Noise Harvester. The theory sounds great. I just wish I knew if it actually worked.
sounds like you should go balanced throughout your signal path. and maybe even shielded power cords (though usually shields sound bad on AC).

i'm not sure how EP2050 would take care of RFI / EMI, it may. it does have leads connecting it to hot (dual 30a breakers), neutral and ground, so its possible. i just dont know. looking at the 2750, it seems like it acts as the weizhi does (on ground), so could be a great product (the weizhi sure is). i will say that i still get improvement w/ R-C networks on the outlets, and the weizhi was a big improvement, so i dont know if the 2050 would be enough.

if i were just starting out w/ AC treatment, i'd go
1) dedicated lines w/ oyaide outlets
2) 2050 / 2750 in conjunction (have an electrician do 1-2 at same time)
3) RC networks on outlets (noise harvester sounds fine)

--i've no doubt this is more cost effective than anything else, and may get you there. but when it comes to AC, i've yet to go too far....hell, just today i reconfig'd my breaker box to have the 2050 on the same side of the breaker as my rig, added 2 maher CBFs as well, and it sounds fantastic (in the middle of the day in houston too---ie switching noise on hot is getting out of the story!). if you get the 2050, be sure to install it on the same side as your breaker, but closer to the incoming 0ga from the street than your stereo. i suspected this would help, and frankly my stereo sounds fantastic right now, 5pm, AC and dryer both on. ---i couldn't say that a week ago. (could be other crap on the grid not on, but i doubt it)
Hi Rhyno, any way I can contact you for your advice on whole house protection?