Any Environment Potentials EP-2050 users out there

I am thinking of giving the Environment Potentials EP-2050 Home Protection Waveform Correction Absorber a try. EP’s main guy Doug Joseph certainly talks a good game and seems to make the whole philosophy make sense. It seems to have gotten good reviews in the past and I know there are a handful of forum members using them. If you all could come out of the woodwork and share your experience with this unit, or the ep-2450 for that matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I have one hooked up to my breaker box. Easy to install, that's a plus. I can't say I noticed any auditory difference. I'm glad to have the whole house surge protection, but I do note that they don't offer a guarantee like other surge protection systems. That kinda makes me wonder. The other night I think I got some DC on my electrical lines, and I don't think it filters out DC.

I'd like to here other's opinions too.