Any Environment Potentials EP-2050 users out there

I am thinking of giving the Environment Potentials EP-2050 Home Protection Waveform Correction Absorber a try. EP’s main guy Doug Joseph certainly talks a good game and seems to make the whole philosophy make sense. It seems to have gotten good reviews in the past and I know there are a handful of forum members using them. If you all could come out of the woodwork and share your experience with this unit, or the ep-2450 for that matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for the reply Rhyno. Little confused. I have to admit, most of this is way over my head. I hear what you are saying about diff noise, and EP claims to take care of that. Basically, any garbage created by the appliances in my house as well as any of the garbage coming from my neighbors houses who are on the same transformer will be converted to heat, not shunted to ground, Is this correct?

But EP also claims to take care of EMI/RFI. Are you saying that EP does not attack common-mode noise and therefore, EMI/RFI will be passed through? Would their ep-2750 Ground Filter ( cover this? That is the combo (2050 and 2750) that Doug Joseph at EP has been trying to sell me on.

The reason I am concerned is that I have terrible buzz through speakers, radio stations over speakers, sibilance, etc. that I assuming is at the hand of EMI/RFI. My house is sandwhiched between two radio transmitters, both within a couple miles.

The EP technology seems to be similar to the PS Audio Noise Harvester in that it converts the interference to heat/light rather than shunting it to ground. The difference, as I understand it, is the PS Audio works on a very narrow spectrum, while the EP covers a rather wide spectrum of high frequency noise. Like a giant whole-house Noise Harvester. The theory sounds great. I just wish I knew if it actually worked.