Any Empirical Audio Synchro Mesh users out there?

What's your experience with it? Did it make a noticeable improvement in the sound of your system? Please describe your system.
Thanks, Matt
very positive results!!! with Power Supply Upgrade
When I was using a cd player as a transport, the SM w/ upgraded power supply provided noticeable improvement in sq. However once I went to a dedicated cd transport there was very little difference.

Don P.
I would like to re-open this discussion.  I've heard that the Synchro-Mesh has been updated and improved, and older units can be returned for the update for relatively cheap.  Empirical Audio often states that with the SM, the transport no longer matters, and one can get excellent sound quality from a common CDP with a digital out when playing through the SM.  If you have direct experience with this setup, please share with the rest of us!  Thanks, Peter

See more customer feedbacks here:

New version:

Older version:

Older version can become new version for $100-200 depending on options.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Thanks Steve.  I would also like to hear specifically from people who have used a SM downstream of a CD player used as a transport.

It does not really matter if it's a Sonos, a Macbook Pro or a transport.  The data is the data.  That is all that matters with a reclocker.  The timing is discarded from the source.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio


How much is the power supply ugrade? Is it from Empirical Audio?
According to their website the Dynamo power supply upgrade is $799.