Any Electricians home?

My question is that the house I'm living in has two prong outlets. I wish to go to three prong outlets and I'm wondering what this will cost me. People at work say it is a very fast and cheap expense for an electrician to do this for me. I have two outlets I want replaced with porterports for my stereo equipment. Right now I'm using a cheater plug with my adcom ACE 515 which I will be replacing soon with a Power Plant.
Thanks for any help you can give me on telling me what this job entailes.
Does your current wiring have three wires going to a plug? There you will find either three or five wires. One of the wires wraps around a screw. This is called the ground wire. The other wires stick straight into holes on the back of the outlet. They can be disconnected by inserting a screwdriver into the slot next to each wire and then pulling the wire out. Make sure that you only disconnect one wire at a time from the old outlet or you will have a big mess. You also need to be certain to plug the wire into the same location on the new outlet. This will help to keep you from getting the wires mixed up. If you only have two wires, this is very old wiring that does not have a ground. I would then call in an electrician to look at your whole house before doing anything.
Yesterday I noticed in the laundry room yhat the receptacles are three pronged so there is a chance that there is a ground wire where the 2 prongs are. Hoping anyway.
My house was built in 1927 and had single 2 prong outlet that I changed to three prong. The ground comes to the box which is connected via the metal sheathing (BX) back to the fusebox. The outlet has it's ground screw on it's mounting frame, so it grounds when tightened. Your laundry room was probably wired with romex and has three wires in it's sheathing to carry the hot, common and ground. Just be sure to turn off the breakers before starting. You should try the sublect outlet with a lamp before proceeding just to be sure the power is off.
Thanks guy's my plan is to make sure there is no power to outlet using a lamp and then a voltage meter. remove said outlets and see if there is any more than two wires if not call an electrician. If there is a ground wire I'll go ahead on my own and replace said outlets with the porterports.
Well I had an Electrician come over and check my wall outlets and there was a ground wire so I had him install the Porter Ports for 40 bucks total. I feel this was money well spent considering he told me that the outlet to my T.V. and laser disc player was wired in reverse. If I had done this myself I would not have known this and just went ahead following what was there making the same mistake. My T.v. has more clarity and color so on that end an immediate benifit. I will tell you when I plugged my line enhancer in it was a battle because these suckers REALLY grip your plug. Will let them burn in a couple of days but to be honest I could hear a difference in depth right away. I mean the wall receptacle's were over 50 years old. Thanks everyone.
Awesome. Money well spent and you learned a little too.