Any Educated Comments/Opinions On Living Voice Auditorium R3R Speakers

Back to square 1 searching for speakers to live with long term...Looking for something good with low powered tubes(15wpc),have decent staging/imaging and a musical organic tone...

I’ve been running the Avatar 2’s upgraded to the current drivers (rr’s) for about a year now. I moved to them from AudioNote ANE LUX and other then the lowest bass notes they are a big improvement. I run mine with an 8wch SET (300b based) as I live in a condo this is satisfactory power for my listening. I feel they do need a little more power to come totally alive so your 15wch will be more than enough to waken them up. Kevin Scott voices them using Kondo tube amps at 15-20wch. I find they have wonderful musicality, detail, and fast articulate bass. And a midrange to die for. They have a huge sound stage when set up properly. I would defiantly buy another set OBX’s would be my dream speaker. the manufacturer is wonderful to deal with as well.

feel free to contact me if you want to talk about them more.

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Thanks for the reply..It may help in the future...