Any Duty Fee to import equipment from China?

I would like to get some audio equipment from China (CD Player) and have a hard time trying to figure out if I have to pay for the duty fee or not. It will be shiped by the Post Office (EMS).

Accroding to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (, page 35

for CDP it states that the duty rate is Free for Category 1 and 35% for category 2. I have no idea which falls into cat. 2. So now I don't know whether I don't have to pay a duty fee or do I have to pay 35% duty fee.

Has anyone bought any stuffs and imported them from China? Do you have to pay duty fee or not?


I'm not sure if there is a fee, but why would you want to buy from a country that encourages the murder of it's own citizens? Remember Tianemin(sp) Square? They force married couples to abort every child after the first one and imprison everyone who disagrees with their techniques. The common people starve while the national leaders live like kings.
Refusing to buy from tyrannts will force them to consider their actions. What is more important, improving the lot of oppressed people, or getting a good deal on a CD player? I hope I know the right answer.
Well.. aside the topic, Nrchy but I think All other countries have a bad feeling on us about ongoing war as well. All of them may tell thier people not to buy our products, probably with the same reason. Every country have both angle and devil sides, depending on which angle we are looking at. I believe there is no such thing of "perfect world." Not that I support what they are doing thoug..

Still. anyone bought stuffs from China?