Any Drawbacks to COD

Are there any drawbacks to selling and item and shipping it COD?

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I have only had one UPS package come back because the person would not accept delivery. I was out of the shipping expenses, since he had a change of heart.

However with all the Audioweb, & Ebay scams lately, & having heard of 2 Agon members that received Fake-forged cashiers checks. I'm no longer offering the COD route.

I have had no paypal issues. Yet unless it's a postal money order, all Money orders, & Cashiers checks make me leary and must clear just like a personal check would.

I don't need to clear out my gear that bad, to totally give it away for free, & pay all the shipping too!
O.K. here's a funky C.O.D. story.... A A'gonR was listing a Dac for an elderly non computer using Audiophile buddy of his. The ad stated that all dealing would be with his friend via phone. COD was the only way I could buy it, so like "Elizabeth" stated "The UPS will NOT let me inspect the goods before paying COD, So it could be a box of bricks anyway" Was a major concern for me, as he insisted on a Bank Cashiers Check upon delivery. He personally had no sales feedback to check, no pictures of the item nothing. So I took the chance, the unit shows up in another manufacturers box, & I was sweating!!! I hand the UPS driver my check, & she tells me NOT NEEDED THIS ISN'T A COD??? I open the box, it's everything he mentioned, & a $500.00 extra factory option that he forgot! So I called him, asked him if his name was Santa Claus? He said he was sweating it out for 3 days, as he lost my name, & phone number!

Funny Huh? Almost a free $5000.00 mfrp DAC! So of course I sent him the funds asap, as a mistake like that could happen to anyone! I can't remember who his Agon buddy was as I did leave him positive feedback, but he didn't for me as I guess he didn't know why, or what mine was left for? So whom ever is Dave Scoville of Elkhart Indiana's Agon buddy the feedback was left for his DAC!