Any diigital players out there with phase control?

I remember that Adcom had a CD player with phase (polarity) button on it and maybe a mono switch as well????.Wondering if anybody know of a multi format player that does as well?I assume I might be asking same qestion when we have just as we have but a few Bluray or HD players yet one migh hope same mnaufcturer recognizing someof us like this function will incorperate it on new decks.Be nice to have source do this so one could use preamp/passive box and not give there features up or if
I know the Theta DACs I've had in the past have had a phase invert button on them... Not a one box solution, but at least some manufacturers think that way...
Classe' Dac-1 had a phase invert switch, maybe its on some of their one box units. BTW, its an excellent DAC.
Wadia 850 has a polarity button on the remote.
Not sure about other Wadias but I would think they all do.
If memory serves me (and often it does not) the Resolution Audio CD-55 had "phase invert" on the remote.
The Lavry DA10 DAC had both a phase invert and a mono button.
My Audio Logic DAC has a phase inversion knob. And in the high-priced spread, the EMM Labs one-box player has a phase inversion capability too.
The Resolution Audio CD-50 has a phase invert function.
The transport I am using has a phase inversion control section. I have a Zero One Audio Ti48.
Thanks gang I'll check them out.