any difference with power cables on transport

I was wondering what the feelings were concerning after-market power cables on digital transports??? I know power cables make a big difference on CD players and DACs, but do they make a difference with the specifically digital transports?

I am in the process of changing from a BAT VK-D5SE CD Player to a Audio Note DAC and Accustic Arts Drive 1 transport set up... I have a Virtual Dynamics cable for the DAC (was on the CD player and the VD beat out a Shunyata Black Mamba) but I was wondering if I should get a VD cable for the Accustic Arts Drive 1 also...
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Yes, the power cord on the transport makes a big difference.

If you like the sound of the Virtual Dynamics, stick with it.

I personally did not like it on my system that included an Accustic Arts Drive 1 and DAC 4. I liked the Stealth Dream and Silent Source Signature much better.

I have found transport power cable upgrades to have as big a difference as any other cable upgrade.