Any difference between McIntosh 30 and McKit 30?

Just purchased a pair of McIntosh mono amplifiers: One marked model number McIntosh MC30 the other marked McIntosh MacKit 30. They both appear the same as far as setup, specs etc. Does anyone know of any significant differences? Are they worth cleaning and doing any repair for someone wanting to experiment with tubes? I paid $100 for this pair (along with a pair of McIntosh preamps - one mono and one stereo, box of extra tubes, and a set of nice Electovoice raw speakers - tremendously heavy 15" driver and horn mid and tweeter and X-over) at a local goodwill this morning. Thanks for the help.
I started in audio in 1962 and I never heard of a MacKit so they must be before that. I would say that these all would be quite valuable to the right person. There is a strong market in vintage equipment , I will defer to experts in that field.
The pros are