Any details about JMLab Electa Be series

Whats the scoop on the new limited edition 25th Anniversary Electra Be series (new design incl. Be tweeter) with 3 new models: 907, 927, 937.

Has anyone seen or heard these ?

What about price ?

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I also have the 927Be. It is a very nice speaker. With my Krell showcase and Bryston 4b-ST they give a nice full sound. Music just sounds so good with these. I also use them for home theater and they are very good at that as well. The tweeter is very natural sounding. Highs just seem to keep on going. I bought these with out even hearing them. I had heard the 926, 936 and divas. I also have heard the larger Utopia line as well. I already knew what this tweeter could do. I knew what I would be getting and I am very happy that I picked them up. Any way I can not imagine anybody being un happy with these speakers.