Any details about JMLab Electa Be series

Whats the scoop on the new limited edition 25th Anniversary Electra Be series (new design incl. Be tweeter) with 3 new models: 907, 927, 937.

Has anyone seen or heard these ?

What about price ?

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I am trying the new 927 at home over the last few days. The design of this model is quite nice and they look very elegant and well finished.
Up to now they played for more than 40 hours with a Musical Fidelity M3 Nu-Vista intergrated amplifiers. For the moment I am quite disapointed (lack of detail and massive bass...) when compared with the performance of the base model the 926 (this one is in my oppinion one of the best loudspeakers under $5000). However I need some more time to have a well supported answer (maybe they need some more running to come up with a proper performance). You may get in touch with me through my e-mail address