Any Dennis Gonzalez fans out there?

Living in Dallas area, I have always been able to pick up the great trumpeter's records and CD's. I have always enjoyed the ride he takes me on through his music, yet he is never mentioned when discussing talented Jazz musicians.His style is definitely not mainstream but is always interesting.

Has anyone else heard his music or seen him live? What do you think about his music?

Yeah I got CD "NY Quartet" but really like samples I heard of ?"A Matter Of Blood" has Curtis Clark on it who is from South Central LA and did a lot of Nimbus LP's (check them out at,along with Nate Morgan,Dadisi Komalafe and the "star" of label Horace Tapscott).But Gonzalez is not mainstream so not a lot of folks would know him.If you like his stuff checkout some of the artists at the CIMP label.Love to see him live.He is different and hell of a trumpet player who is not so out it's noise.Sort of between advanced bop and free.Good stuff
On, Dennis has a long-running 'Ask Dennis Gonzalez' thread you may find interesting.