any def tech fans?

Just DT doesn't get much love in the audiophile are BP series with 8" subs or drivers?

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I have had a couple pairs without the subs, unless you really want the sub the subless go low enough that you don't really need a sub. If you have already heard them disregard this response.
nope-first ive ever even heard someone mention them
I never heard Def Techs that, to me, weren't screachingly bright, etched, and super hyped-up in the treble. Absolutely painful to listen to. I have owned a PF15 sub since 1995, which I use now for LFE and the the bass for center and surround channels only. Pretty reliable. OTOH, I recently heard the Golden Ear towers. Golden Ear is the new company owned by Def Tech founder Sandy Gross. These speakers have similar form factors to Def Tech towers, but instead of that screetchy metal tweeter use folded ribbon, Hiel-like tweeters. They were detailed, sweet, smooth and full range. IMHO, they are a bargain, and, along with my Ohm Walsh 2000 speakers, my go-to recommendation in under-$3K tower speakers.
agree with slikric--some good friends had the subless bp towers (bp10?) and they were very engaging in a sit-around-the-fire sort of way--very large soundstage, nice balance, sorta reminded me of ohms. not hyper-detailed or big on imaging, probably because of the bipolar design, but a big room-filling design. the powered bp towers, on the other hand, were a miss--boomy, with poor driver integration. i've heard similar powered polk towers (rt1000/20000p) which sounded much better. just my opinion.
Phasecorrect: I had BP10s hooked up to AMC tube amps and preamp about 15yrs ago. The combination sounded very good. But like above, and depending on the equipment, they can sound pretty bright. Good luck.
I have to agree with bondmanp. The Def Techs that I have heard were all painful to listen to. Boomy bass with very harsh highs/treble, and little to no midrange. My brother purchased them for a home theater system and they sounded significantly worse than even the tv's built-in speakers.
I listened to a pair over the weekend and was disappointed. I own a pair of Polk rt2000p speakers that are sonically superior to my ears (I have a damaged woofer and I am now considering repairing vs. making an excuse to upgrade). The bass was boomy, the mid-range was absent and the highs were sharp...they did not sound good even for an action movie let alone music.