Any Decent Sounding Multiple CD Players?

Looking for advice: I am putting together an office system and would like the convenience of a multiple CD player, so I don't have to get up and change CD's every hour. I don't really need to have a player that plays 25 or more discs; even a five disc player would be a great convenience. My office system will have an Audio Note (tube) integrated, Rogers LS3/5A speakers. I don't want to spend more than $500 by the way. Any thoughts or recommendations for multiple CD players would be appreciated.
If you can find a Phillips carousel you be satisfied.And you might get one for about 200.00. Nice sound. If you can find a used CAL {California audio Labs} used 5 CD carousel you be tickled pink. GOOD LUCK.And you cant go wrong with a Sony ES.
denon DCM 460. 5 disc carousel. am playing thru an audio note dac and meishu int. amp into dunlavy speakers SCIVa.
Get the MSB Link DAC and hook it up to the Aiwa XC-35 sold by Best Buy, J&R Music World, etc. Get you a decent Toslink cable (yes, this combo sounds better with Toslink). If you shop around you could find this setup for around $500.00 or a little more, but it will cremate, stomp, and wipe out any 5-disc changer at even twice the price. Just remember the Link DAC takes forever to break-in - sounds 2-D and crude new out of the box. Also, the Aiwa is a cheap little clunker but sounds good using it as a transport for the Link DAC. The Adcom and Denon changers might be a tad better sounding as transport (and much better built and better sounding as stand-alones), but for $500-$600 the Aiwa/MSB with Toslink can't be beat. Read the reviews in Stereophile, Bound For Sound, SoundStage, and others.
The basic flaw in any multiple CD player for under $500 is the less than great D/A converters and output stage you will get. Just about any major brand Cd player (with digital out) will be fine IF you also pick up a used separate D/A converter. Since this is for office use, it doesn't have to be the very best!
The CAL Audio Labs CL 10 is a great sounding player at any price andjust as important in the office it is fast changing and quiet!!!
ditto on the CAL but it wasnt within your budget.
rotel rcc955 should be up to your task
I love my CAL-10 and have seen them used for 600-700, but at the time was also auditioning an NAD changer for appx 500 new that sounded VERY musical. I will check my notes for the model number
my nad cd-changer retailed for $500 & i got it as a demo unit for $350. i a-b'd it in my system w/an alchemist nexus ($1700 single-cd player) & there was absolutely no difference. (cary & melos preamps, marchand x-over, meret re monitors bi-amped w/electrocompaniet amps, vmps larger subs powered by bridged adcom gfa-555's). w/your hi-quality a-n integrated, it's prolly all ya need. my brother-in-law a-b'd the alchemist in *his* system w/the $3500 res-audio cd-55, & he said the differences were minor, & only noticeable in direct a-b comparison w/the same tracks going simultaneously thru 2 inputs on his pre, while he was going back-n-forth between the two. fwiw... doug
I like my Marantz cc-65 5 disc changer that I use in my office for "ambient sound." Unless you are going to do some "critical" listening in the office, this changer is in your price range, built like a tank, sounds good, and can be used with an outboard dac, if needed. Good luck.