Any Decent Multiple CD Players?

Any Decent Sounding Multiple CD Players? Looking for advice: I am putting together an office system and would like the convenience of a multiple CD player, so I don't have to get up and change CD's every hour. I don't really need to have a player that plays 25 or more discs; even a five disc player would be a great convenience. My office system will have an Audio Note (tube) integrated, Rogers LS3/5A speakers. I don't want to spend more than $500 by the way. Any thoughts or recommendations for multiple CD players would be appreciated.
arcam has a nice changer - similar DAC to their lower-end single players... try I have their arcam 9 - great CD player for approx 1500
The NAD 515 (List Price: $499.00) is the ONLY (5-disc) changer under $999.00 that will play music well. Above that, in sound quality, would be the Arcam Alpha-MCD 6-disc changer (List: $999.00). I recommend an audition. The 515 is a fascinating value for a changer.
try the new Nak multiplayer, i am sorry i have forgotten its designation, (i too endorse the Arcam unit)
I've heard good things about the Parasound CDC-1500 (I think). It retails for $650, is supposedly built like a tank, and has a coax digital out so you can use it with a decent DAC. There's a demo unit unit on the site for $500 from Accutronics. Also, check out the reviews on
Adcom makes a good quality 5 disc changer. Not sure what it costs.
I have midpriced equipment.I recently added a Nakamichi CD2 Musicbank from 1990.It stores 6 CDS +1 in the drawer .It sounds alot fuller than the Audio Alchemy top loader Ive had for years.Im using an Soundstream DAC so I havent even heard the Nak DA,But Im happy with the transport.There was recently one on Ebay for $75 with no bids.(cost $800 in 1990)
I own the ADCOM. Great sound out of a platter type changer for under $700.
I have the NAD 515 5 disc changer in a moderately high end system (classe and sonus faber). I also have the classe dac-1 and cdt-1 in the system and have a/b'd the two. I was amazed how good the NAD changer sounds in comparison and would have no reservation in recommending it.